Now Available on PC, Mac, and Steam.

Bend light and fill containers to create astounding movements of music and mesmerizing visuals of flow! 

Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. Dim the lights and relax while manipulating the flow with power-ups, directional changes and splitters. There are no right or wrong answers as you journey through the 14+ "Acts" that house 5-7 "Movements" each. Complete with countless hours of gameplay and a myriad of puzzles and solutions, this game has been heralded as the 2nd Best Browser Game of All Time.

Explore. Experiment. Discover. Play.

What press and fans are saying!

“Auditorium is a really intriguing and addictive multisensory experience — part puzzle game, part light sculpture, part musical instrument.” – Peter Cohen, Macworld

“A very addicting game, with good music to go along with the flowing streams. I can see that this one will drive me nuts until I can figure it out.” – Sean M.
“I honestly think the game is one of the more fantastic games I have played recently. It is a very basic concept, easy to play and navigate, has no annoying 50 minute back story movies to show, and is overall the exact game I am looking for.” – Jeremy